Vintage and Modern TQs Together at Mahoning Valley July 7
Vintage Organization Honoring Doug Craig
Pine Brook Speedway 50th Anniversary Marke

June 21, 2012
For Immediate Release

Lehighton, Pa.– The Vintage Division of the American TQ Midget Racing Association
will be joining the contemporary ATQMRA on Saturday, July 7, at the Mahoning Valley
Speedway for an event that will honor the memory of the organization's four-time champion,
Doug Craig.

Craig, who perished in an aircraft accident several years ago, won four consecutive
ATQMRA championships as both driver and car owner in the late 1960s before going on to a
distinguished career in the ARDC midget series. Craig's son, Steve, is himself currently a
competitor with both the ATQMRA and ARDC.

Interest in the ATQMRA Vintage Division has been so high that organizers are expecting
enough cars such that separate on-track events will take place for the "roll cage" and "pre-roll
cage" cars.

Vintage cars expected on the track include the Trimble rear-engine Triumph No. 16, the
Boyd Triumph No. 43, the Wehrle "Slingshot" No. 02, and upwards of fifteen more.
On the same program, the incredibly quick modern TQs will be in action. The winged
contemporary machines set track records wherever they race, and are dizzying around the tight
Mahoning Valley oval. Mahoning Valley Speedway's five regular racing classes will be racing on
this night also.

The event is taking place one day after the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Pine
Brook Speedway, and so that milestone will be noted as well. The Pine Brook track, the first
purpose-built track for TQ midgets, debuted on Friday evening, July 6, 1962, with Bob Dini
claiming the historic first victory. Bowing to real estate development pressures the Pine Brook
track held its last race in 1989.

The Vintage Division of the ATQMRA is preserving and demonstrating the long history of
Eastern TQ midget racing. Additional information is available from Gary Mondschein at 570-

News Letter May 2012 (Click to download)

Bill Force Sr. & Jr. are winners at
Mountain Speedway TQ Vintage Meet


(St. Johns, PA 5-19-12) The inaugural out door event of the ATQMRA Vintage

Division was dominated by bright sunshine and the father/son team of Bill Force Sr. and Jr.

The event would prove memorable with thirteen vintage TQ Midgets signed. The restored race cars spanned the 1950's through the 80's.

The mix of drivers included multi-time ARDC Champion and TQ winner Hank Rogers Jr. Former Modified stock car driver Tom Hindley. ATQMRA and SMRC Midget driver Karl Mondschein and current Sprint car driver Mike Casario.

Heat races were split into two divisions as the roll bar cars took to the track first and Karl Mondschein would become the first winner of the newly formed club in the former Tom Dimasco Crosley powered No. 18 upright.

The second heat, which where, caged cars would be taken by the former Ben Trimble Triumph rear engine car and driver Gary Mondschein, brother of Karl.

The twelve lap feature would prove to be exciting as the roll bar and cage cars were combined but would be scored as separate divisions.

Karl Mondschein took the lead at the start as Bill Force, Sr., in his Crosley upright No. 26, held his ground and ran the outside. These two classic drivers battled until the caution flag waved on lap six as third place running Gary Mondschein's right rear suspension gave way and he brushed the front stretch wall.

Force, Sr., would grab the lead on the restart and seemed to be on his way to the overall win by fending off the challenges of Wayne Laucius, Tom Hindley, Karl Mondschein and Force, Jr. in the former

Bruce Kinberg Suzuki powered Holmquest built car.

Force, Jr. would run a smooth line and position himself to battle his father and complete a last lap pass and go on the overall win. Force, Sr., settled for second (first in the roll bar class) followed by Hindley (Suzuki Holmquest), Karl Mondschein and Keith Majka rounded out the top five.

"Running these cars was a blast," said Force, Jr. "I really learned a lot today racing my father. It was very special for our family".

Force, Sr., who was emotional in victory lane stated, "We really enjoyed the atmosphere here today. It was so special to race my son. We had my other son Patrick pushing off cars on the quad."

Current No. 26 car owner Laucius was pleased as well. "We had some fun today. I'm happy to pick up the win as the car owner."

Special thanks from all the club members were relayed to event organizer and longtime open cockpit fan Robert Noll. The next event for the ATQMRA Vintage division will take place at the Mahoning Valley Speedway on Saturday night, July 7th in conjunction with the current TQ's.

FEATURE: Bill Force Jr., Bill Force Sr., Tom Hindley, Karl Mondschein, Keith Majka, Wayne Laucius, Gary Mondschein, Hank Rogers, Jr., Paul Wiesel, Mike Casario, Ray Gillen, Bill Fisher


NEWS from the American T.Q. Midget Racing Association
Vintage Division

Contact: Gary Mondschein
Phone: 570.656.5962

May 9, 2012
For Immediate Release



Brodheadsville, Pa.– The vintage race cars of the Atlantic Coast Old Timers and the American TQ Midget Racing Association Vintage Division will conduct exhibition races at Mountain Speedway in St. Johns, Pennsylvania, on Saturday afternoon, May 19, in an event organized by long-time racing enthusiast Robert Noll.

Vintage Sprint Cars, Midgets, and TQ Midgets will take to the track for exhibition-style heat races and features, allowing fans, drivers and car owners to step back in time.

Among the drivers expected to participate are 1963 United Racing Club champion Jimmy MaGuire and 1985 ATQMRA champion Mike Osite.

There is no admission charge for spectators and pit admission is free for registered members of ACOT or the ATQMRA Vintage Division. Non-members are also welcome but there will be a modest admission charge.

Spectator gates open at 12 Noon and on-track activities are scheduled to begin at 12:30. Refreshments will be available.

This is an all-open-cockpit event, without stock cars. The members of the Atlantic Coast Old Timers field original and restored examples of the open-wheeled race cars the 1930s through the 1960s, powered by everything from Ford flathead V8s to exotic Offenhausers. The ATQMRA Vintage Division brings together TQ Midgets from the immediate post-World War II era to the 1980s, featuring the venerable Crosley CIBA engine as well as Triumph motorcycle engines and more.



April 13, 2012

Greetings Membership,

Our first edition rule and operating book is now complete and being distributed among members.
I would like to thank Vice President Tom Berry, Blu Metz, ATQMRA President Mike Roselli and Karl
Mondschein for their input on this project. Although the book clearly defines many points of operation,
it is our intention to continue to improve these rules to assure safe and enjoyable events. Please take the
time to read through the text and feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.

Our first outdoor event will be Saturday, May 19th at Mountain Speedway (St. Johns PA near
Hazelton). This event is a Bob Noll promotion and we would like to thank Bob for his continued
support of eastern vintage racing. This event will be a vintage car only event with the cars of the ACOT
organization sharing the bill. The ATQMRA Vintage division will run our own events (TQ's only) and
the day will be in memory of grand champion and racing legend Doug Craig.

Sign in time is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM. There will be no pit fee for card carrying members
of the ATQMRA Vintage division (please present your card at the gate). Car owners please be prompt
as all cars will require inspection. Our drivers meeting is scheduled for 11:35 AM followed by a group
photo. The track will be open for firing cars at 12:30 PM and warm ups will start at 1:00 PM.

There will be many activities in addition to the on track events including a silent auction, prize give
aways, car displays and more. With free admittance to the stands, this will be a great opportunity for
new and existing fans to experience the cars and stars of yesteryear.

Saturday night July 7, will mark the first appearance of the ATQMRA Vintage division at the
Mahoning Valley Speedway. This event will be in conjunction with the current ATQMRA. Our nights
schedule will be released as the date nears.

For those interested in purchasing a vintage TQ and or parts, please feel free to contact me for a list
of availability. There are many fine cars available in either unrestored or restored condition.

Best regards to all of our valued members,
Gary Mondschein




ATQMRA Vintage Division Membership,

Thank you for your interest and membership in the newly formed ATQMRA Vintage division. We have great plans for the new club for the upcoming season and beyond. Our intentions are to build this club into a viable organization with a focus on the rich history of Three Quarter Midget racing. We are in the process of securing on track and still events for the 2012 season. This information, in detail, will be available in the upcoming months.

We are pleased to be on display with the current ATQMRA club at the upcoming motor sports show presented by Lenny Sammons, January 20th through the 22. In addition our inaugural event will take place at the annual indoor races in Atlantic City, February 3rd and 4th. On Friday, February 3, we will have cars on display upstairs in the hall accompanied by an autograph session and special historical displays. Saturday afternoon, the cars will have a short warm up session. The cars will then be on display during the fanfest event track side. Immediately following fanfest we will run a 10 lap or so (slow laps) exhibition.

In conjunction with Bob Noll, we are scheduled to run our first outdoor event Saturday, May 19th at Mountain Speedway. This event will mark the first actual racing event for the cage cars as well as on track time for the roll bar cars. The cage cars will run at least 2 warm up sessions, a 6 lap heat race and a 12 lap Feature. There will be 2 winners declared, one for 2 cycle cars and one for the Crosley's and Triumph's. The roll bar cars will run at least 3 ten lap slow lap segments. This format will represent our regular show.
We have solidified an event at Wall Stadium in conjunction with the current ATQMRA on Saturday, July 28th for the annual Tony Romit Memorial.

We have accepted an invitation to be part of prestigious Classic Weekend at Oswego Speedway on Saturday, September 1st. This event will be in conjunction with the current ATQMRA as well. The shows at both Wall and Oswego will be regular shows with track time for roll bar cars and a 6 lap heat and 12 lap feature for cage cars.

In addition to these events we are interested in booking one more on track event for the 2012 outdoor racing season. We will also be adding a few select still events.

Our newly formed club is actively seeking sponsorship partners to help offset the operational costs.

Please contact us in regards to sponsorship, comments or questions. On behalf of Vice President Tom Berry, Secretary Harry Weed and the ATQMRA Vintage division, we welcome you into this new exciting venture.

Best Regards,
Gary Mondschein

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